Glam Non acetone Nail Polish Remover helps in removing Nail paints from Natural and Artificial and Extension Nails without damaging them.
It Removes Nail polish completely and restores healthy Nails and cuticles.
Glam Non acetone Nail Polish Remover is enriched with the extracts of orange peel and lemon which helps in strengthening the nails, prevent them from chipping and works as an anti bacterial and anti fungal too.
Vitamin C which comes from orange peel helps pale looking nails look more white and pinkish.
Usually Nails become yellow and discolored after removing Nail paints, But with goodness of Lemon oil in it, it prevents discoloration
Vitamin E oil helps in Nourishing nail cuticles and prevents it from damaging and dryness. It also softens your cuticles
Glam Non acetone Nail Polish Remover is very gentle on Nails, fingers and cuticles as it does not contain any harsh chemicals which is healthier for your nails in the long run.
Glam Nail Polish Remover has been formulated with lots of intense research and study.
Apart from removing Nail paints, it boosts the overall immunity of cuticles and protects nails from damage.

Orange - 200 ml

Lemon - 200 ml

Rose - 200 ml

Lavender - 200 ml

Orange - 600 ml

Lemon - 600 ml

Rose - 600 ml

Lavender - 600 ml

Nail Polish Remover

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