Everone has always been fascinated and obsessed with having Healthy Nails.
Especially women who desire Healthy as well as Long Nails. Be it a School going girl, College teen, Career oriented lady or a Homemaker, Women at all ages love to enhance the beauty of their Hand and Feet by having Healthy and shiny looking Nails. To obtain that look, Women go for many services like Manicure, Pedicure, Nails extension, etc., regularly believing that they are taking good care of their Nails.

But can that really  be termed as complete one?

Ever wondered why most of the Women face problems like having Chipped, Split or brittle Nails every time they try to grow it? And the white milk spots on their Nails? And the Most painful problem that every individual goes through i.e. Hangnails or Cuticles leading to redness and swelling for days… If you think this is the worst that can happen to Nails… Then let us remind you that there are many individuals who suffer from Fungal Nails Infections too. Which happens due to the most painful accidents like having the door or windows shut at Nails, which causes Nauls to separate from its Nail bed. It also happens if Nails are not taken proper care or are kept unhygienic.

Is there anything which solves all these problems of Nails?

Yes ! Now there is one solution to all your Nails Problems!!

For the very 1st Time in India, GLAM launches an 11 IN 1 NAIL CARE which suffices the complete and adequate needs to provide intense care to Nails.

It is made of an exclusive formula which is designed to solve 11 common problems of Nails. It has a blend of unique extracts and essential oils like Almond oil, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Kokum butter and Vitamin E Acetate.

These ingredients have properties which Heal and Repair the wear and tear of Nails. It instantly Hydrates and provides Moisture to the Nails keeping them healthy and strong from the very first application.

Every ingredient has its own significance to provide complete care to Nails keeping them Healthy Forever!

“Your Nails are a way to speak your style…
without having a word to say,,
– Tammy Taylor

Benefits of using 11 in 1 Nail Care

Moisturize Nails

Nails are in constant contact to thick coats of Nails paints, Exposure to water and dirt that is harmful and unhygienic to Nails. And then Nails tend to lose its Natural Moisture. Almond oil in 11 in 1 is effective remedy to maintain the nourishment of nails by keeping it Moisturized.

Moisturize Cuticle areas

Shea butter acts as a unique solution to repair damaged Cuticles areas.

Shea butter in 11 in 1 helps in nourishing and moisturizing Cuticles areas, making them strong from Inside to protect itself while you Buff, file and paint on it.

Prevents Nails from getting Dry

Nails tend to dry out as an age process and starts losing its Natural oils, hence making it Dry.

The unique properties of vegetable oil in 11 in 1 protect the Nails from getting it dry.

Cure and repairs cracked Nails

Exposing your Nails to harsh soaps and cleansers or doing any rough work can cause your Nails to Crack.

Kokum butter in 11 in 1 has great healing properties which cures and repairs cracked Nails and helps in regenerating New Nail skin faster.

Removes dryness from Nails

Acetones and Nail polish removers make your Nails dry. The natural extracts of Coconut oil in 11 in 1 removes dryness from Nails keeping the Nails and Cuticles soft and Intact.

Heals Fungal Infections of Nails

The essence of Grape seed oil in11 in 1 works best on Fungal Nail Infections and prevent it from occuring again. Also Rich with Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties, The essence of Grape seed oil keep Nails away from all the Infection in all weathers.

Solve in Growth Nail problems

Many times Nails ten to Chip and Break down while trying to grow them and that leads to uneven Nails. With Vitamin E in 11 in 1 in a topical liquid form, it helps in Nail Growth and Cures the Nails disorders and fills the absent deficiencies.

Control growth of excess Cuticles around Nails

Once the application of 11 in 1 Nail care lotion gets absorbed into the nails; Cuticles and surrounding skin will impart the Moisture and strength to damaged, brittle and peeling Nails, which will result in controlling the Growth of excess Cuticles around the Nails.

Hydrate Nails

The blend of Almond oil, Shea butter and Olive oil in 11 in 1 helps in keeping your Nails Hydrated, and prevents from getting Nails problems and providing Lifelong Nail Care.

Grows Nails faster

Almond oil is rich with essential Antioxidants. Nutrients from Vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B6 in 11 in 1 help Nails grow Faster.

Strengthen Weak Nails

Doing regular Nail art and extensions can directly affect the Nail strength making them weak.

Doing regular Nail art and extensions can directly affect the Nail strength making them weak.

Always dreamt of having beautiful, long and

healthy Nails naturally?

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