There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to paint nails only to have them chip the following morning.
Fortunately, R Nail Lounge India’s Biggest Nail House bring LASTING SHINE – The Gel Effect Polish Under the brand GLAM.

As the name defines LASTING stands to give long stay and SHINE for High glossy effect. Tag line of infinite gel polish highlights towards our visionary aim to make as many colors as possible under this brand.

Lasting Shine work exactly same as Gel polish and offer long wear, High shine, and a rich color that doesn’t fade, chip, or dull and good things is that it doesn’t required UV/LED light to get the desired Gel results.

Lasting shine can provide beautiful results that will last for up to 8 – 10 days . So one can feel confident Nails and don’t have to worry about constant reapplications.

The advanced formulation in Lasting Shine features include Nailology a revolutionary formula which is invent proudly in India by GLAM to provide superior results in less time .

Lasting shine is made under the supervision and suggestions of expert and experienced team which in past have works for International Nails Brands.

These lacquers have been formulated with High quality pigments that reveal their true brightness and vividness of colors.

It gives Pure color perfection. It is High in viscosity and each shade is perfect in Opaqueness required for a Nail Color.

It can be easily remove with Glam Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover or any other Nail Paint Remover.

Brush use in Lasting Shine is unique and are made of best of Bristles in world which helps to cover the whole nail, and its angled tip is perfect for square or squoval nails. Lasting Shine bristles also allow to swipe polish quickly on Nails, Its oversize rounded brush paints the entire Nail in one stroke. These flexible bristles allow light and consistent strokes for all colors.

Currently Lasting Shine have around 80 running colors and Base and Topcoat by name of Primer and Extreme Shine.

Long lasting stay of Nail polish start with a perfect application of Base coat always before applying Nail color. Using GLAM Primer will show results on nails, One always desired for.

Benefits of using Primer
Glam Primer sticks to Natural Nail and helps secure the coloured polish to stay on Nails. Nailology formula use in this Glam Primer helps Nails to prevent from breaking and splitting. Glam Primer keep colored polish away from directly touching to Nails and turning them yellow. Glam Primer Doesn't allow the bright colored Nail paints to leave stain on Nails.

Top Coat
Introducing Glam Extreme Shine Top coat which help hardens Nails as it dries so that it protects Nail color from scratches, chipping and peeling. It also strengthens Nails and keeps the polish looking Shiny and glossy especially while applying dark colors.

Benefits of using Extreme Shine
Glam Extreme Shine gives a high gloss and added Shine to a finished Nail paint. Its helps Nail Paint to stay fresh and young for long. Glam Extreme Shine hides minor flaws ( lines, dents, finger prints etc) that accidentally pass on to painted Nails when wet. Glam Extreme Shine helps to fix or cling Nail art accessories.

Berry Blast

Garnet Stone

Cherry Blossom

Dreamy Bride

Chilli Pepper

Tangy Tomato


Flashing Fuchsia

Magenta Magic

Watermelon Sorbet


Magic Potion

Baby ! You So Pink

Terracotta Rose

Cotton Candy

Mauve Magic

Barely There

Beige Age

Chocolate Trophy

Caramel Frappe

Nude Blush

Orange Marmalade

Tangerine Tea

Coral Love

Peach Puff


Winter Sky

Seal The Teal

Electric Indigo

Ultra Maraine

Midnight Affair

Mulberry Mousse


Wild Orchid

Amethyst Mist

Raisin Rum

Purple Passion

Lucky Lavender

Green Apple

Forest Lane

Castle Stone


White Money

Silver Spoon


Magic Mirror

Pearl River

Minty Mind

Pacific Ocean


Jungle Safari

Indigo Slate

Olive Moss

Red Metal

Crimson Crush

Apple Pie

Red Root

Pumpkin Latte

Summer Melon


Tan Fan

Copper String

Purple Orchid

Magnetic Magenta

Copper Chrome

Choco Chip Cookies

Gold Berg

Liquid Gold

Pearl Petals

Gold Digger

Vintage Love

Sugar Rose

Irredescent Purple

Glitter Clitter


Bride's Maid

Mauve Ice

Blue My Mind

Party Star


Crushed Sorbet


Foiled Up

Golden Chariot


Frosty Froth

Seamist Blue

Dessert Rose

Lusty Lave

Base Coat

Top Coat

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