Gel Nail polish has changed the Nail industry and when we are looking to upgrade the manicure service we offer with Gel Nail Polish. So quality gel polishes is essential to run successful business.

What is Gel polish ?

Normal nail polish works just like standard paint. Nail pigments are dissolved in a solvent, when the solvent is exposed to air.
But Gel Nail Polish are different…
Gel Nail polish is packaged in opaque bottles so that light hitting it won't cause the lacquer to harden in the bottle..
Gel Nail polish will never evaporate and will only completely dry through a chemical chain reaction that is triggered by UV/ Led light.
This chemical reaction begins when UV / Led light hits formulation liquid in the Gel polish which begin a chain reaction converting the liquid into a polymer.
This chemical conversion is called curing.
For gel Nails to have their desired longevity, the polish has to be cured under special Nail lamps designed to emit in appropriate UV/Led light.
There are also before and after method need to be followed while doing Gel polish.
R Nail Lounge the biggest Nail house of India brings Gel polishes by the brand name of Glam
With currently 110 colors and more coming Glam has a wide range to choose from.

When applied correctly, Glam polish will last up to three weeks .
Glam Polish will have that higher thick finish which gives glossy High shine.
Glam Gel polish colors are highly pigmented and it needed to apply two coat of color for good results.
Glam Gel polish covers the entire spectrum of colors family and extend the shades in glitter, Metallic, Holographic and Chrome too.
Glam Gel polish comes with Base coat and Non Wipe top coat.

Glam Base Coat
Glam Base coat sticks to Natural Nail and helps secure the coloured polish to stay.
Formulation in Glam Base coat prevent Gel polish to chip or Leave stain on Nails.
Glam Base coats keep coloured polish from directly touching your Nails and turning them yellow.

Glam Top Coat
Most alluring thing about Glam top coat is the High Shine it adds to your Nails as it contains more film formers to give a nice hard glossy surface for longer wear.
It is Wipe less or Non Sticky Top coat.
It helps Gel polish to doesn't get chip.
It cures in UV and Led Lamps.

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