Our company name is R NAIL LOUNGE.

It is founded on 28TH April 2013. Company Headquarters is in Mumbai – India. We realized that the range of professional Nail products in the market was not able to meet the customer needs. That’s when we decided to use the knowledge we had gained after visiting countries which are leader in Nails and studying Indian Market.
We also done counselling with countless Nail technicians and salon owners to develop a High performance line of Nail products that will meet the needs of a constantly growing Nail industry and than we create Our brands….

There are four brands under Company which are…

  1. Nails Forever – Nails Forever is a Brand for Nails and Acrylic System and Professional Nail Tips.
  2. Love Your Nails – Love your Nails is a brand for Gel Polish System and Nails Machinery
  3. Glam – Brand Glam covers Nail Paints, Nail Treatments , Nail accessories , Buffers , Brushes , Tips etc etc.
  4. The Nail Art School – The Nail art school is an Nails Academy


India’s biggest supplier for Nail art and extension products and India’s Best Nails Academy.


We have the best Nails syllabus in India. Many corporate and Stand alone salons in India are associated with our academy.
We have Highly qualified Team of Trainers who have vast education in educating in Nails.


  • Only Nail company in India which provide entire set up along with Education and Commercials Ideas to run Nails Business.
  • We understand the requirement of Salons and Academy.
  • With Highly expert team on Panels we are aware of Current Nails Market and demand from Consumers.
  • We give dedicated Post Trainings support always.
  • We always maintain life long customer – vendor relationship.


  • To build Nail community in India.
  • Creating Nails Bar in all salons of India.
  • Making Nail syllabus part of every Beauty Academy of India.
  • Bring best Nails product for Indian Market.
  • Give best Nails Education in India.
  • Expanding our business to different countries


Salons who are doing Nails or want to start Nails Section in their salons.
Academy who teaches Nails or want to start Nails Syllabus In their Academy.
Individuals who are looking to make career as Nails Operator or Nails Trainer.


With the help of our Loyal and supportive distributors we are currently located in :
Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Mysore, Goa
And more major parts of India.


We have vast range of Nail Products which covers the entire spectrum of Nails…
We covers categories like Gels and Acrylic and Gel Polish System UV and Led lamps, Buffers, Brushes, Nails Tips,
Nail Paints, Nail Treatment, Nails Removers ( acetone less ), Educational Products and Nail Accessories.

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